This may seem like a cheap plug to some of you, but it’s what we do. Our “niche” so to speak.
There are a ton of “instructors” out there teaching FL CCW and “gun classes.” While we also teach those classes, we think we are different and better!

Here’s why…
There is no timer in a gunfight though another person is trying to shoot you first. Speed without accuracy is a waste of ammo. Accuracy without speed is a luxury you may not have. It takes both to prevail!
If you only train for averages, an extreme situation can shove you out of your comfort zone. But, if you train for the extremes, average situations will take care of themselves.
You must train so that your shooting skills become conditioned responses…reflexive, so to speak…so that you will perform at a high level under the extreme stress, without having to think about it.
Self Defense Methods and Training must be suitable and validated for the “real world,”…ie, when it’s for keeps!

Col. Rex Applegate said it best;
“There is a tremendous difference between shooting methods that work well when you’re simply trying to put holes in a target and those that work well when the target is trying to put holes in you! Failing to understand this difference is a mistake that will get you killed if you ever have to use your handgun in a real, armed confrontation.”
Check us out.

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