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DryFire Training Center of North Fort Myers

How is DryFire Different?

Our Smokeless Range is one of the best Firearms Simulators available to civilians! This system allows us almost limitless dry fire firearms marksmanship practice without the hassles of going to a “live fire” range!

Is DryFire Safe?

Utilizing a shooting simulator is a very safe way to train shooters of all skill levels. Like it or not, shooting is a sport that is intimidating (especially to new participants).  Our quality simulator offers you a extremely safe and non-threatening environment to learn about firearms and the sport of shooting. For new shooters this provides a comfortable and practical way to introduce them to the sport without the anxiety of shooting an actual weapon the first time.

Is Dryfire cost effective?

Shooting can be an expensive sport and the rising price and scarcity of ammunition is making it harder for new enthusiasts to discover its benefits.
Our “Smokeless Range” simulators are cost effective solutions for shooters that are trying to save money on ammo or are looking to purchase a new weapon. Our members appreciate the ability to practice and improve their skills without expending the high cost of ammo. ‍

How do I schedule and pay for range time? ?

You schedule range time and pay directly from our online scheduling system.

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Where are you located?

Our DryFire range is conviently located at

3444 Marinatown Lane,

North Ft. Myers, FL  33903

Look for the signs and we are on the second floor

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Call us now

(941) 867-0250

Open Hours

Mon – Fri — 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday — By Appointment
Sunday & Holidays — By Appointment

When you arrive, here’s how to find us.

Drive into the parking lot and look for this building. We do not have a sign on the outside.

Park anywhere you can and walk in the front door. You’ll be in this hallway. Walk to the back and look to your right. You’ll see the stairs to the second floor.

Go up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, turn right and then right again towards the back of the building.

Walk to the end of the railing (don’t go out the door!) and turn right.

We are a short way down this hall with our door on the right. Our door (#20)

Just walk in.

Look forward to seeing you !

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Have Questions about DryFire Training?

If you would like to schedule time with the simulator.

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(941) 867-0250



Open Hours

Mon – Fri — 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday — By Appointment
Sunday — By Appointment

Dry Fire

3444 Marinatown Lane,

North Ft. Myers, FL  33903